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Check out the Rigolo Comme La Vie page on Indeed

Before applying for a job, candidates now want to know whether or not they are a good fit for for the company. To help them with this, Rigolo Comme La Vie has created a company page on Indeed, the world’s number one employment website.

Candidates can immerse themselves in Rigolo Comme La Vie’s corporate culture through the page’s rich, engaging content which conveys the vision and values of an organization that is now the main childcare partner of local authorities in the Hauts-de-France region. It believes in supporting every child individually in a group environment that is safe, stimulating and embodies its values of empathy, self-esteem, taking and making time, and peaceful co-existence.

The page is also a tool for posting information about life at the group (comments, videos and photos) and encouraging its employees to be proud of belonging to the organization.

Rigolo Comme La Vie is recruiting:

  • Early childhood educators.
  • Childcare assistants.
  • Early childhood facilitators.
  • Nurses.
  • Childcare nurses.
  • Recreation centre managers.
  • Recreation centre assistant managers.

Watch the Rigolo Comme La Vie video

Employee testimonials

A brand that really focuses on children and whose high standards help its employees to grow.” “Its strong values are part of Rigolo Comme La Vie’s everyday culture. It’s a company that gives meaning to what its employees do and offers high-quality support and real career opportunities.” “The educational support given to both children and parents is excellent.”

Visit Indeed to read more and apply for a position.

You can also follow Rigolo Comme La Vie on Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn.

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