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Two training days at the international ÏDSCHOOL

On 4 and 5 May 2017, 90 trainers from the international ÏDSCHOOL took part in a two-day training course at ÏDKIDS head office.

The ÏDSCHOOL is a training centre for the ÏDKIDS community. It brings together trainers and training coordinators from France and abroad. Its role is to help everyone be the best they can be, and its philosophy is to let employees organize their own education. It provides group training in line with the company’s We Act For Kids ethos, helping each employee to grow and offer the best possible customer service. 

Since 2004, the ÏDSCHOOL has been formally recognized as a training body. In partnership with business managers and internal trainers, it designs and organizes different training pathways (e.g. for new employees, for specific business lines and brands, for managers). 

Two training days were held in May 2017 at the ÏDKIDS head office in Roubaix to support trainers and training coordinators in their roles and ensure the continuous development of skills for store employees.

Seven countries took part: France, Poland, Spain, Germany, Italy, Canada and Belgium. 

The course comprised six workshops led by the ÏDKIDS training team at head office. The different topics on the agenda included redefining training basics (individual mission statements and roles), sharing and highlighting best practice, looking at existing communication tools and identifying areas for improvement. The two days were also designed to build and strengthen relationships between trainers from the ÏDSCHOOL community.

The high-quality interaction between the participants and their motivated attitude meant this learning experience was a great success.

Some comments from the attendees:

  • Brigitte, trainer at Jacadi Caulaincourt: “These two days were a wonderful opportunity to meet new people, share ideas and work together with people from all our community’s brands in different countries. I left feeling completely energized and delighted with the experience. Now I can’t wait to go back and pass on what I learned to others. I’m proud to be part of this business building a community with people at its heart, and I’m happy to represent it.”
  • Véronique, training coordinator at Okaïdi Saumur: “It was a real pleasure to be there. The organizers and speakers had a great dynamic and energy that they relayed to the participants. They emphasized the importance of our role as trainers and coordinators in representing the ÏDSCHOOL community and passing on our knowledge to others.”
  • Maryse, trainer at Okaïdi Chalons Croix Dampierre: “A great group atmosphere with lots of sharing and energy!”
  • Jacqueline, training coordinator at Okaïdi Saint Etienne: “Tons of energy, good people, great attitudes and shared values. Fabulous!”
  • Ana Carmen, trainer at Okaïdi Zaragoza Puerto Venecia (Spain): “Sharing these two days with trainers from other countries and exchanging information with them was a very positive experience. I discovered that I was part of a much larger group of people and I realized the importance of my role as a trainer. I am responsible for communicating Okaïdi’s values and ensuring that my co-workers are proud of them.”
  • Concetta, trainer at Okaïdi Melilli (Italy): “These two days were intense, emotional and collaborative. A great experience. We worked on and gained a greater understanding of our role as trainers.”
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