At IDKIDS, we consider that the first of our responsibilities is to take care of people, starting with our own teams. How? By implementing 3 principles:

CARE: This includes paying attention to the balance between work and personal life. For example, we did not wait for COVID to hit before we introduced working from home. We take special care of our parent-employees by providing them with the expertise and services of our brands.

TRUST: Through trust, contribute collectively to progress and the ability of each individual to thrive. This translates, among other things, into an incentive for each person to commit, beyond their job and on the basis of their wishes and availability, to supporting children, the planet and society…

LIBERATE: Fostering creativity and autonomy to enable the transformation of our company. This involves setting up training courses to develop everyone’s soft skills and their ability to work together in an agile mode. And this translates into a great deal of flexibility in evolving careers.

Commitment as a culture

Give purpose to each profession to encourage commitment

At IDKIDS, helping children is not only the group’s project, but also the core mission of each of our brands! Each one of them has made it their own, and each employee is guided in this direction.

The quality of life at work survey conducted in 2019, to which 71% of employees responded, also confirmed employees’ pride in belonging and strong adherence to We Act For Kids values, with 79% satisfaction expressed regarding commitment.

Fostering growth and fulfillment through corporate culture

To be part of the ÏDKIDS community you need to start with the right attitude. We like to call it SHERBET.

This positive, generous outlook embodies social skills and good manners, focusing on the personal aspect of any new relationship. This is why the ÏDKIDS community has made the smile symbol its standard. It is made manifest through being kind to everyone and caring deeply about integration and the quality of interpersonal relationships. Thus, the managerial culture is based on trust: a commitment to benevolence and high standards on the part of managers to enable each employee to find their own way and contribute to the common project.

Management quality recognized in the QVE study: no professional category falls below the 74% threshold for management satisfaction.

The visual illustrates the support of the headquarters teams to the stores on the occasion of the reopening on 19/05/2021 following the 3rd lockdown for 3 months.

Train differently to manage differently

To ensure our community grows with the same benchmarks, in 2017 we launched a training program for our managers. The first part, “Basics of management”, is intended for all new managers. Its objective, thanks to methods based on situation and experimentation, is the exchange of good practices to acclimatize and adapt to the WE ACT FOR KIDS project.

A second component, aimed at experienced managers, the “development path”, is co-developed with external partners. By instilling a change in managerial attitudes, this programme aims to strengthen trust in the service of the group and to accelerate the transformation of the Group as a whole, encouraging intrapreneurship in particular. The multi-brand and multi-trade sessions also allow us to create the necessary network for our management teams to embody and breathe life into the IDKIDS community project.

And because we can act collectively, we also offer managers a co-development course, accompanied by an internal coach, to progress together, among peers and to learn from others.  In addition, taking advantage of the opportunity offered by the government, 180 employees from IDKIDS’ central departments were able to upgrade their skills or be made aware of the company’s transformation issues during the lockdown in May 2020 thanks to an online training programme.

Open up the field of possibilities

Make a move with internal mobility

  • From a student job as a sales advisor at OKAÏDI during her studies in Bordeaux to that of Jacadi France Belgium Luxembourg network coordinator, via Human Resources at the Roubaix headquarters, Coralie has become an expert in internal mobility: “I think we need to be able to use past experiences to fuel new missions”,
  • After 16 years as a store manager, Muriel decided to take a skills assessment to change her career path. After an internship during her vacations in a Rigolo Comme La Vie nursery, she validated her project: to become a nursery assistant! The Human Resources team helped her to create her Fongécif file. Muriel then passed her exam and trained for a year. She graduated and wanted to remain in the Group, so she found a place in an RCLV nursery near her home… “My colleagues pass on their know-how and interpersonal skills to me, which makes it easier for me to adapt to this new job!”,
  • Agathe was a purchasing manager at Obaïbi. With the support of Human Resources, she became a product developer at Oxybul. Her dream? Supporting the values of the IDKIDS Group: WE ACT FOR KIDS! Her advice? “Dare to discuss your career plans with your managers and Human Resources! ”. Internal mobility is very definitely a possibility for her.
we act for human

Encourage intrapreneurship

Personally convinced of the potential of second hand, Ludovic has successfully brought management and brands on board in the ÏDTROC adventure.

Facilitate civic engagement and solidarity

To ensure that everyone has the opportunity to express their solidarity individually or collectively, and to become a employee-volunteer, the IDKIDS group provides many ways to get involved:

  • solidarity races and sales are regularly organized by volunteer employees,
  • any employee can take part in one day of solidarity per year alongside and for the benefit of an association,
  • any employee can also become a sponsor for the year of one of the 25 associations supported by IDKIDS: they commit to the association and lend it their voice as a “reporter of hope” within the Group,
  • some can also become ambassadors of the We Act For Kids Fund to promote and recruit other employee-volunteers.

The goal is for everyone to be able to experience the free We Act For Kids commitment if and as they choose.

Quality of life in the company

Measure to progress

From May 2 to 24 May 2019, we launched an online survey to learn more about the quality of life at work as experienced by the group’s employees around the world. 3,620 employees representing 71% of the group responded: a very good result!

This mobilization and the conclusions of the survey underlined the very strong commitment of the employees, their great pride in belonging and strong support for the We Act For Kids project.

Following this survey, we set up a process to co-develop action plans.

4 priority levers have been defined:

  1. managing in proximity in an exemplary manner,
  2. supporting change,
  3. improving and facilitating daily life,
  4. providing development opportunities for employees.

Find the right balance around remote working

For Romain, Accounting Manager at IDKIDS, making the change to remote working was a new experience. “With direct contact, I feel I have more control over coaching and productivity, especially with younger people”. However, the health situation related to Covid-19 forced his team to adapt and reinvent the way work was organized.

The balance sheet is nonetheless positive: Romain has found that concentration is greater, that collaborative tools make it possible to follow each other’s progress and to share remotely. “It allows us to dare to be more confident and to give more autonomy to each one”. Aware of the challenges of disconnecting personal and professional life, the team has ritualized the “hello / goodbye” through instant messaging, a way to clearly define working days. Just like the informal coffee moments, which provide an essential social tie, even of they take place on a video call.

The COVID experience has confirmed the convictions of IDKIDS, which had already introduced the possibility of remote working. Now we just need to find the right balance between on-site and remote working.

we act for human

Offer parenting support

n addition to the places available for employees’ children in the RIGOLO COMME LA VIE nurseries, being a parent-employee at IDKIDS also means being able to benefit from the support of experts in the field of childhood and parenthood.

Several parenting supports are offered:

  • advice, good tips, deciphering and expert opinions offered in the Rigolo Comme La Vie webzine “le Journal des Parents” or the Bubble magazine to accompany them in their daily life of parents,
  • DIY workshops and ideas for family activities for children under 6 year and 6-14 years, offered by professionals from Rigolo Comme La Vie and N’JOY,
  • parent-child workshops on Wednesday afternoons in the premises of La Maison Rigolo Comme La Vie in Roubaix,
  • discussion groups and parenting coaching workshops (face-to-face and video-conference) with experts from Maison Rigolo Comme La Vie,
  • fun times for families, such as family days, led by all these experts,
  • in the event of an unforeseen event, employees can also donate their TOIL to other colleagues to enable them to accompany a child in hospital, for example,
  • in the case of a one-off childcare problem, a parent-employee can call on the emergency reception of the nearest RCLV nursery.