Because we do not all have the same opportunities, the ÏDKIDS group wanted to create a foundation early on in its history to help children and families in fragile situations. That was OKWorld in 2003. Since then, our brands, employees and the We Act For Kids Action fund that we created have been working together and/or with other associations and NGOs wherever we are present.

Inclusion and protection

we act for human

we act for kids fund: give everyone a chance

Our protection approach is aimed at children and families in economic or health-related difficulties, whether in the countries where we distribute or where our products are manufactured.

To provide protection, we work through our We Act For Kids Fund and support associations that work locally.

The goal: to give everyone the same opportunities, while respecting their differences!

Want to learn more or support the We Act For Kids Fund? www.weactofkids.org



Dhaka slum: to make children and families aware of barrier gestures

In Dhaka, Bangladesh, the We Act For Kids Fund supports the clinic  Radda Center which provides medical care for 1500 school children. During the year, hygiene awareness sessions are regularly organized in schools.

During the lockdown, to limit the spread of the Covid-19 virus, the clinic mobilized to reach out to families and train them in barrier gestures and the importance of hand washing. 4 people are specifically dedicated to preventing the virus from spreading in this very dense population.

we act for human

Responding to precarity exacerbated during the covid-19 health crisis

The health crisis has unfortunately accentuated the precariousness of some families. Thanks to the mobilization of its customers in June 2020 through a mini donation operation, the ÏDKIDS community and the association La Voix de l’Enfant have enabled 250 families to receive material aid (nappies, milk) for 2 months.

"By meeting the needs of children, we are preparing them for a future."
Martine Brousse, Chairperson of La Voix de l’Enfant

Social integration

we act for human

Knitting social ties and solidarity with love maille and jacadi

For 7 years, thanks to the Roubaix association Amitié Partage  supported by the ÏDKIDS Foundation, women who are out of employment have been able to instil purpose and confidence in their professional project by learning to knit and receiving support in their search for a job or training. For Jacadi, they make 300 unique pieces of hand-knitted layette each year, using wool donated by the Fonty spinning mill which are sold for the exclusive benefit of the association. Love Maille is also about creating ties with the brand’s team. It is mainly women who find their way to employment: 117 of them since the beginning of the project.

Jacadi x tohana: train women in sewing

Offered for sale by Jacadi in Europe in January 2020, these tote bags were made by 14 mothers trained to sew by the Tohana association, a subsidiary of the NGO Atia. These women, who live in a shantytown in Madagascar, were able to learn a trade, earn their first income and even find a job for some of them.

During the COVID-19 health crisis, a second intake of women was trained to make masks funded by IDKIDS for local distribution.


we act for human

Finance a school for 1500 children through a social business

In Bangladesh, where we rigorously select our production partners, the We Act For Kids Fund has set up a social business since 2014 with the support of the NGO Grameen Shikkha founded by Muhammad Yunus, inventor of microloans and Nobel Peace Prize winner.

How does it work?

We collect production surplus from one of our long-standing supplier partners. This is sold locally at a low price by a network of 3000 women: the Ladies, who thereby benefit from an income.

The money raised has made it possible to finance a school for 1500 children from 1st to 5th grade. They are taught the basic curriculum, sports and music thanks to partnerships with other NGOs such as the  Fondation Décathlon or the association Playing for change. The first intakes successfully passed the secondary school entrance exam. ÏDKIDS employees mobilized to finance the continuation of their studies by raising funds through solidarity races.

we act for human

Magic place: help integrate children through play

5,000 people live in the IDF today in precarious emergency housing and in promiscuous situations. ÏDKIDS supports the “Magic Place” project created by the “Chemins d’enfances” Foundation. It supports children from 6 to 12 years old living in temporary accommodation to offer them a safe space to play, the opportunity to progress in French and to regain confidence in themselves. Parents and teachers are seeing significant progress in their inclusion.

Facilitate access to the arts in priority districts

The Arts et développement association aims to promote art is a vector of autonomy, culture, citizenship and sharing. It offers free street workshops open to all, for example in Marseille, where it was able to intervene in part thanks to the funding raised by the Mini Don operation at Oxybul and the investment of the brand’s local teams. This is a way of carrying out Oxybul’s mission of awakening and developing the talents of each child, working as closely as possible to the children in priority districts.

Mobilization (customers and employees)

Our customers stand with us

€300,000: that’s the total raised through mini donations collected from our customers – rounding up their purchases to the nearest euro – thanks to the investment of our sales teams in 2018 around the world.

Our brands are involved in these mini-donations depending on their field of action and their values (disability and artistic creation for Oxybul, children’s rights, music and sport for Okaïdi, family, culture for Jacadi…).

Offer thousands of smiles to hospitalized children

Each year Okaïdi, Oxybul and Jacadi mobilize to put a smile of the face of hospitalized children by selling red noses for 1 euro. 100% of the profits are donated to associations working with sick children. In France, for example, donations go to Fédération française des clowns hospitaliers and the Clowns de l’espoir.

Turning generosity into talent

Generosity can also be learned! Oxybul is working to develop this talent in children by offering the “one star = one toy” operation at Christmas. Children decorate a star and drop it off in store or on the Oxybul Facebook page. For each star, a toy is offered to the children welcomed by Emmaüs Solidarity, an association that welcomes and shelters families in great social difficulty and helps them to integrate.