Our vision is to make room for everyone, in their specificity and by encouraging the development of their talents and skills. This is both our social vision, for the Group’s employees, and more globally our societal vision, as a major player in the world of children. 


Go beyond the legal obligation in terms of gender equality

In 2020, in accordance with the law on the “freedom to choose one’s professional future”, the ÏDKIDS community published the gender equality index for all its companies.

As a reminder, the indicators defined by the government concern:

  • the gender pay gap,
  • the distribution gap for individual increases,
  • the promotion distribution gap,
  • the percentage of employees who have received a raise upon returning from maternity leave,
  • the number of people of the under-represented gender among the 10 highest earners.

The legal obligation required by this index has been exceeded for all our companies:

  • OKAIDI: 80/100,
  • IDLOG: 93.3/100,
  • IDKIDS Logistics: 87.7/100,
  • JACADI: Cannot be assessed*.

And we will continue our inclusion efforts, convinced that the mix of our teams and equal treatment of all people are pillars of fulfilment and success for our employees.

Avoid gender stereotypes

Discovering, opening up and developing is the meaning of play for children. Therefore, our OXYBUL teams focus on guiding parents in accordance with their children’s interests and stage of development. These linchpins structure the presentation of our offer in the catalogue, in store, and the advice of our sales teams. Since the creation of our first catalogue, our objective has remained unchanged: to contribute to the awakening and development of children’s talents… and these talents have no gender!

This approach conditions the design of our products as well as their staging… So, at OXYBUL, there is no pink stove because it does not exist in the real world. Doctor, pirate, astronaut or superhero costumes are offered and presented for both girls and boys. They can (also) take a doll for a walk in a stroller or play with a tea set. This in no way excludes offering projection games, such as princess and knight costumes, but Oxybul is careful to avoid gender stereotypes and to leave the field of possibilities open to children and parents.


Our desire to embrace differences leads us to design products and services that meet all needs, including those of the most vulnerable, such as children with physical or mental disabilities. And we also make sure that our customer relations meet these specific needs.

Meet the play needs of children with disabilities

Awakening the senses, exercising motor skills, developing language and communication: play is an ally in the development of all children, and is particularly well-suited to children with disabilities.

To guide their parents and educators, Oxybul has established a selection of the most suitable games with the support of a community of experts (speech therapists, paediatricians, psychomotricians), associations and parents. On the oxybul.com website, you will find a selection of products classified by “ability to reveal” or by “type of disability”.

Improve the practicality of clothing to overcome the difficulties of dyspraxia

To facilitate the daily life of children and their parents, OKAÏDI-OBAÏBI, in partnership with the Dispraxie France association, has been working on adapting its offer to the needs of children affected by dispraxia, a neurological disorder that affects the planning and automation of movements. This collaboration allowed us to improve the ergonomics and practicality of clothing to help the child be more independent. This resulted in the changing the fastenings of some coats with, for example, tabs that facilitate that are easier to grip.

Foster inclusion through events

Best-seller of the N’Joy catalogue, the “T’es cap le handicap” event offers children from 4 to 15 years old around twenty awareness-raising workshops. Through sports and recreational activities, 35,000 young people have been encouraged to change their view of disability by becoming aware of their bodies, their senses and the role they play in their daily lives.

And to allow young people with mental disabilities to share the joys of a holidays in the great outdoors, every year N’JOY organizes two weekends and a suitable activity: the “trapper camp” in the countryside, in partnership with the association 1000 et un loisirs.

Adapt our customer services to the deaf and hard of hearing

Since 2019, Okaïdi, Oxybul and Jacadi customer services are accessible to deaf and hard of hearing people thanks to ACCEO and Roger Voice applications, immediate and instantaneous translation services in sign language and text. In France, the absence or reduction of hearing affects more than 6.6 million people. By offering this service, we ensure that we meet the needs of all our customers with the same quality of service.

Raise awareness to progress collectively

Every year, European Disability Employment Week is a great opportunity to raise awareness among ÏDKIDS. In November 2019, a range of workshops were offered, making it possible for employees to:

  • project themselves into a situation of disability thanks to a silent coffee organized in Roubaix with Ethik Connection,
  • change shared behaviour by participating in the 2019 Handi Hauts’Lympics,
  • open up the debate on disability in the workplace with skits by the Ligue d’Improvisation,
  • test their knowledge of the world of disability with the Handi Pursuit Challenge.

All these occasions allowed our teams to create a space for dialogue and discussion – by going beyond clichés – to open the way to non-judgement, to the trust necessary for each person to reveal their fragility, even their disability… which is very often invisible and hidden.

These awareness-raising actions illustrate ÏDKIDS’ desire to become a company with a positive impact, inspiring, inclusive and exemplary on the subject of disability. To take things further, a collective of 6 collaborators: Handi’ACT has since been created and is supported by the human resources department. Among the projects initiated thanks to the diagnosis carried out with  Agefiph

  • create the right conditions for recruitment,
  • fulfilment in their missions,
  • maintaining the employment of disabled people,
  • and promoting responsible purchasing from ESATs (establishments or services providing assistance through work).

This collective is currently recruiting ambassadors in all regions and businesses of the group. “All affected, all mobilized! ”: Its slogan invites employees to get involved in order to create a real community of internal actors working to promote inclusion.


Creating an intergenerational link within the rclv nurseries

Our RCLV daycare nurseries have developed a mixed programme between daycare nurseries and senior residences, sometimes even with shared premises. Because seniors have knowledge and culture to pass on to the younger ones and because spending time with children lifts seniors’ spirits, our teams regularly organize moments of sharing games, meals, reading or gardening. Our ambition is to erase differences, weave intergenerational links and work on living together from the earliest age.