To be able to develop in more than 60 countries, the IDKIDS group has first of all established itself locally. Since its foundation, it has worked to cultivate the quality of its relationships with its stakeholders, whether in Roubaix, where it was founded and chose to set up its headquarters, or in the cities where its stores, nurseries and main partners-suppliers are located.

Our roots in roubaix

we act for human

The decision to locate the IDKIDS group headquarters in Roubaix, one of the poorest towns in France, was a concrete expression of the founders’ desire to be part of the local economic and social dynamic.

Today, more than 500 people work daily at the headquarters, while the city has 6 Rigolo Comme La Vie nurseries, all deliberately located in disadvantaged neighbourhoods. Their principle: to allow families of all origins to meet each other, those of the neighbourhoods where they are located, as well as those working in the companies that have reserved a portion of the nursery places.

In 2020, the Rigolo Comme La Vie Loisirs association won the tender for overseeing events and entertainments in all the leisure centres for 3-6 year olds.

And Maison Rigolo Comme La Vie Noémi is a resource for parents seeking support, advice, fun workshops and guidance.

The group’s endowment fund has forged close ties with local associations such as Amitié partage around the Love Maille project. It regularly organizes events for the benefit of the most vulnerable families with local social actors such as La Condition Publique

Local ties

we act for human

Creating community ties through childcare

“It takes a whole village to raise a child,” according to an African proverb. And it takes a whole community of stakeholders to open and run a crèche. That’s why creating ties is at the heart of the Rigolo Comme La Vie project. Jérôme Obry, General Manager, explains how to achieve this.

we act for human

Spreading we act for kids all over the world

Thanks to the involvement of Okaïdi’s teams in Italy, the DynamoCamp association, which offers recreational therapy through activities adapted to children with serious chronic illnesses, has received €160,000 in mini-donations, a result exceeding the association’s expectations.

Jacadi’s Italian teams mobilized customers around mini-donations for the SOS Children’s Villages association, which supports children deprived of a family, a core brand value.

In the United States, Jacadi launched a partnership at the end of 2020 with The Room To Grow, an NGO that supports families in very precarious situations.

During lockdowns, all commit to childhood

During the global lockdowns in early 2020, IDKIDS brand teams and the We Act For Kids fund have been making every effort to provide help and assistance wherever the group is present and active. Material donations (toys, birth kits, tablets for distance learning, etc.) have been organized in France in hospitals or foster homes, in Canada, in Reunion Island and in Bangladesh. Some examples:

  • food distribution in Dhaka by IDKIDS teams for 3 months,
  • Oxybul donated toys to the Hôpital Mère Enfant in eastern Paris,
  • Okaïdi Canada donated clothes to the Maternité Saint Justine,
  • Jacadi donated layette items to the Necker Hospital for children in Paris…