Respecting the personality of all children aged 0 to 12 and help them progress, wherever they are in the world is our raison d’être at the IDKIDS group.
Each brand in the IDKIDS community is committed to designing products and services for and with children that reflect their needs as closely as possible. 
It also supports parents and educational referents (grandparents, early childhood professionals, etc.) by providing information and advice from a network of experts: child psychiatrists, paediatricians, speech therapists, etc. The aim is to promote the child’s full development: heart, body and mind.

Winning over the trust of parents


Dedicate a house to supporting parenthood

Because we “are not born parents, we become parents”, the Rigolo Comme la Vie House- created in partnership with the Noemi association – is a friendly resource centre where families can come together to share their experiences of parenthood and hear about the experiences of others. Over a cup of coffee, for a parent/child play workshop or for mutual aid activities or fun, festive times, this non-institutional setting offers a warm and caring space that helps break down feelings of isolation. The RCLV teams are also trained to guide parents of children with disabilities to experts or dedicated organizations if necessary.

Inspire parents with bubble

It’s not always easy to be a parent and to include a sustainable development approach in the way you raise your child. Bubble magazine addresses this parental concern in an optimistic, guilt-free way. Each issue deals with a central theme accompanied by ideas, sharing, tips to build a more united, ecological and caring world… starting in the family.

Discover the most recent Bubble Mag. 

Prepare for baby by being well-informed

Quite a lot of equipment is needed to welcome a new baby home… To help parents in their choices, we offer them the possibility of drawing on the feedback and opinions of their peers. The online platform ConsoBaby features over 650,000 reviews, now also in video format.

Collect parents' opinions

To develop its own brand products, the Talent brands, Oxybul works with a network of child experts from 0 to 12 years old (paediatricians, child psychiatrists, psychologists, speech therapists, occupational therapists) as well as with those who work with children on a daily basis: Parents, grandparents, school teachers, early childhood educators.

Since 1993, Oxybul has been leading a community of 3,500 “pilot parents”. They test products with their families and provide detailed feedback on their ease of use, practicality and how fun they are. Their opinions are published in video format on the Oxybul YouTube channel and are rewarded with a small gift. On average, 400 products are assessed each year. To obtain the label “tested and approved by the pilot parents”, a product needs an average score of over 7/10… nothing less!

We also regularly organize product testing and discussion meetings between product teams and customers: “Oxylunches” with parents and the “Oxylabs” with parents and children so that the children can be observed in action.

Finally, our “Collective Lab” platform allows our brands to stay connected and interact easily with a community of 3000 parents. Thanks to this tool, we can regularly “take the temperature” through qualitative and quantitative marketing surveys. This tool proved particularly useful at the beginning of the Covid-19 health crisis, enabling discussions on online and in-store service expectations, health devices and desired products.

Convey a taste for beauty with jacadi

Jacadi is a brand whose know-how is an integral part of its identity: hand-embroidered trousseau, knitted fabric, smocked dresses, shoe-making expertise… It stands to reason that it is a popular choice for sustainable, refined birth gifts! The brand is also well known in the second hand market, further proof of its quality. Its high quality is widely recognized by parents.  When they experience this quality, they become our best ambassadors!

Facilitate daily mobility for families

Has the headache of children’s travel (school, activities…) still awaiting an eco-friendly solution? This is the aim of the project working on a journey-sharing service for parents taking children to activities Cmabulle.

Cmabulle joined the IDKIDS community in 2017. Thanks to a driving exchange application, the 2,000 member families can share their needs and solutions for transporting their children and swapping lifts, making life much easier to organise!

More globally, Cmabulle offers expert support to school and extracurricular organisations: diagnosis, advice, and co-creation workshops with families and organisations.

Well-being of the very young


Ensure the safety of the very young

Taking care of the very young while ensuring their safety is the daily commitment of the IDKIDS teams. Whether it is in the design of our products and services or in the support and advice we provide to our customers: parents.

This is also why the We Act For Kids Fund is committed to the Association Ensemble pour l’Education de la Petite Enfance, in order to support research in the field of early childhood education and care. Alongside stakeholders such as the French Ministry of Health and Solidarity and experts such as INSERM, our Rigolo Comme La Vie nurseries are participating in a study project on the development of psychosocial skills in young children in order to make progress in their professional practices and work towards a calmer society.

Promote emotional security through clothing

Obaïbi has always placed great importance on the ease of use of its baby clothes. Thanks to cooperation between the educators at the Rigolo Comme La Vie nurseries and its product teams, we offer clothes that are designed to facilitate the development and fulfilment of toddlers. For example, this cooperation has made it possible to create a bodysuit that reduces how much baby needs to moved during a nappy change: no need to turn baby over. By staying in constant visual contact, parents and children are more confident and secure.

Similarly, the ranges are designed to facilitate motor skills, allowing children to evolve with confidence in their experimentation and learning.

Oxybul: an early learning guide to accompany parents

For the past 4 years, Oxybul has published an early learning guide produced in collaboration with the professionals at Rigolo Comme la Vie nurseries. The two teams share their vision of child development through trust and security.

The aim? To support parents with advice on their daily interactions with their child through play, respecting each stage of their development. Reassuring, relieving pressure or over-stimulation: this short, effective and accessible guidebook provides young parents with some pointers.

Offer gentle care for babies' skin

To care for the skin of newborns, Jacadi, in partnership with the SBT (Sensitive Biology Therapy) laboratory, an expert in biomimetic skincare, offers a range of purifying and protective care products whose key word is gentleness. Made up of 98% natural active ingredients, the products in this Babymetic® range are all hypoallergenic and soothing, with a base of colloidal oatmeal, aloe vera and avocado oil. They are therefore suitable for all skin types, including the driest, most sensitive and those prone to redness.

Child independence and fulfilment

Grow in talent and autonomy with oxybul

At Oxybul, the development of children’s talents has been at the heart of the design of games and toys for 30 years.

To achieve this, the brand offers products that stimulate heart, body and mind and therefore meet a range of different needs. There are no less than 15 Talent brands, co-created with parents and endorsed by experts, that meet the needs of children in a world that is adapted to their requirements: to create and imagine, to surpass themselves and expend energy, to experiment and learn, to develop and flourish…

Oxybul is also committed to selecting the best from national brands to develop children’s talents.

Finally, the teams seek out innovative treasures that are particularly relevant to children.

Design easy-to-use clothes with okaïdi

Elasticated waistbands, easy-to-close snaps and marking tricks to avoid buttoning “Sunday with Monday”: the ergonomics and practical aspects of Okaïdi clothes have been designed with children in mind. They know how to be multi-purpose like our parkas which feature removable linings or are reversible. As for the shoes, all with zips or velcro, they are equipped with an interior marking (the picto Okaïdi man to be reconstituted) making it possible to identify right foot and left foot. Clever!

Convey the best of childhood with jacadi

Jacadi’s mission is not only reflected in its collections inspired by timeless French children’s fashion, but also in its cultural partnerships that allow young parents and their children to discover the best of culture: stories, poetry, songs, recipes, etc.

During the lockdown, the brand created “La Fabrique des souvenirs” a refined newsletter offering fun and cultural activities for the whole family: a virtual visit to the Musée d’Orsay, an introduction to the Opera, a cooking workshop…

Offer a timeless teaching support with nursery rhymes

Joyvox is the musical and cultural label of the group IDKIDS. Its Zanimomusic range, developed in partnership with the Marie Jaëll Montessori association, offers nursery rhymes – in French and English – that develop musical sensitivity, listening skills and motor skills in the youngest children. There are movements children can make for each song, helping them integrate notions from daily life… A real educational support for parents and early childhood professionals!

Experience educational adventures with n'joy!

N’Joy creates and organises events for children aged 2 to 15. They offer a range of educational adventures for leisure centres, companies or individuals.

Their principle? Immerse the children in an imaginary universe and let them experience an extraordinary moment together: time travel, cooking workshops, monster hunting… Each event is a pretext to convey a strong value: strength of the group, awareness of ecology, welcoming difference and disability…


Because the year 2020 has definitely not been like any other, our Group has adapted to current events and those of its customers.

During the COVID-19 health crisis a newsletter was created incorporating all our brands from March 23rd 2020. 2 days later, Okaïdi released an international version. Jacadi also contacted its customers twice a week from April 2020… Keeping the relationship open, offering “idea boxes” to parents and children in times of lockdown is also how our community fulfils its parenting support mission.